Alpha B™ Corks

Every natural cork exhibits a unique wood grain that reflects the distinct character of the tree from which it was harvested. By minimizing cosmetic variations, Alpha B™ corks from Cork Supply offer enhanced consistency and visual appeal.

As with our Alpha™ corks, the proprietary cleaning process we use for Alpha B corks removes volatile compounds from the corkwood, resulting in natural corks that are sensorially neutral. Alpha B corks also undergo a mild wash solution of hydrogen peroxide (an ideal antiseptic and cleansing agent), after which they are rinsed thoroughly in purified water. A citric acid solution removes any residual oxidants. Next, we add a food-grade approved pigment that enhances the cosmetic consistency of the corks. Finally, Alpha B corks are carefully dried to stabilize the moisture to discourage microbial growth and ensure optimum sealing performance.

In addition to enhanced visual appeal and consistency, Alpha B corks have excellent surface disinfection to protect against microbial growth during shipment and storage, and minimal cork dust.

Each Alpha B cork has the critical added advantage of Innocork®, our patented extraction procedure that uses steam and ethyl alcohol to effectively volatilize potential TCA (and other off-aroma) molecules from the cell structure of natural cork.