Vapex® Corks

This consistently reliable and easy-to-use closure from Cork Supply offers the popular, traditional appeal of natural cork, the superior sustainability of renewable corkwood, plus the dependable neutrality and performance consistency of a premium technical closure.

Every Vapex cork has the critical advantage of Vapex®, a proven chemical-free extraction process that uses pressurized steam to effectively volatilize potential TCA (and other off-aroma) molecules from the cell structure of natural cork granules before they are formed into cork closures.

Vapex delivers confidence and satisfaction for winemakers and consumers — at a welcomed, economical price.

Performance: Vapex is engineered to deliver extremely consistent performance and quality, including:

  • Low & consistent oxygen transmission rates (OTR)
  • A highly efficient seal against random oxidation
  • Optimized fruit character preservation
  • Minimal cork dust
  • Easy bottle extraction

Value & Economy: Vapex is a high value, low cost technical closure that assures consistently reliable performance at a competitive price.

Sustainability: Made from naturally renewable, recyclable, biodegradable corkwood (and having a smaller carbon footprint than synthetic and screw cap closures), Vapex is an environmentally friendly technical closure.

Shelf Appeal: Precision-engineered with a consistent, uniform shape and a natural corkwood feel, custom branded Vapex closures ensure a traditional, elegant, user-friendly experience consumers will enjoy, bottle after bottle.

Cork Supply recommends Vapex as an especially effective economic solution for markets where consumer purchases overwhelmingly favor traditional pull closures to screw caps, and increasingly reward brands and products that have the appeal and appearance of eco-friendly packaging.